Some of our services are as follows

  • Drain laying
  • Manhole erections 
  • Soak pits and Septic tanks erections 
  • Unblocking of drains 
  • Full water and sewer reticulation installation 
  • Main-laying 
  • Geyser and boiler installation and repairs 
  • Authorized installers of solar geysers 
  • Authorized installers of heat pumps 
  • Authorized Kwikot installers 
  • Installation of water metres 
  • Change over from galvanized pipe to copper etc 
  • Storm water and sewer connections 
  • Bathroom renovations 
  • Authorized Geberit installers

Heat Pumps Description

Heat pumps are one of the most efficient domestic hot water heating systems available, as they utilise the solar heat stored in the surrounding environment, which provides approximately 75% of the heat pumps heating energy and only approximately 25% of external energy is required in the form of electricity in order to achieve a heat output of 100%. Domestic application in households to heat water in electric water heaters and solar water heaters.


  • Two years from date of installation or alternatively date of manufacture, if proof of the installation date cannot be proven.


Heating Capacity:
3.5kW unit for 100/150lt water heater
5.2kW unit for 200/250lt water heater
7.0kW unit for up to a 450lt water heater

Installation Specifications

  1. Wall mounted with brackets supplied.
  2. Supplied with a Safety Valve Combination Valve, Drain Cock Combination Valve and Diffuser Pipe. All units have a built in Circulating Pump.

Geyser Maintenance

At Elcarbo Plumbers we often get asked by clients how to perform geyser maintenance on the hot water cylinder. Note, this is not the same as a visual inspection. A visual inspection for leaks, etc. should happen regularly, and this does not have to be done by a qualified plumber.

  • Our recommendation is that every geyser should be serviced regularly at a 3 year interval in the Durban area
  • Except for the sacrificial anode that should be replaced on average every 24 months.
  • With geyser maintenance we inspect all valves for leaks or indications of wear.
  • Our plumber will drain the hot water cylinder and remove the element and do a visual inspection of the element for signs of wear and excessive lime scale build-up on the element.
  • We will remove excess sludge from the tank and check the installation for leaks.
  • We also replace the magnesium sacrificial anode.
  • The function of the sacrificial anode is to give to additional protection to the ‘enamel’ lined inner cylinder of the Kwikot geysers. Copper geysers do not have a sacrificial anode.
  • By replacing the sacrificial anode you prolong the life of the cylinder because once the anode is completely corroded the tank begins to detriorate at a faster rate.
  • Elcarbo Plumbers recommend the sacrificial anode be replaced on average every 24 months during geyser maintenance.

Kwikot recommends the anode is inspected according to the detailed table below and replaced if needed.

Total dissolved solids
(parts per million)

Recommended anode replacement period

100 – 600
601 – 1000
over 1000

3 years
2 years
1 years

Geyser Maintenance and Sacrificial Anode